We take joy seriously.

Our process and attention to detail sets us apart, resulting in consistent hemp-derived products that are:

Super potent

Meticulously formulated

Righteously affordable

Start with the best.

We begin with beautiful, non-GMO hemp grown in the USA from third and fourth generation family farmers registered with their States’ Department of Agriculture and USDA for safety. We work with our farming partners to help them select cannabinoid rich strains to grow, and consult with them on best practices in the cultivation and harvesting of hemp.

We source hemp that is high in multiple cannabinoids beyond CBD such as CBG and CBN to create the entourage effect without any THC, and require third party lab testing prior to intake and retest upon intake at the facility to provide the purest, most consistent cannabinoids available.

Extracting excellence.

Once the hemp is harvested, we bring it to our state of the art facility in Jackson, TN to extract, distillate and further refine the biomass into the highest quality ingredient for our finished products.

We believe that extraction is an art, and our extraction philosophy is centered around our mission to provide consistent, clean, high-quality hemp-derived ingredients. Our methodologies are clean and compliant to current and upcoming regulations, as we work with our state’s regulators to help shape the US hemp industry.


We use nano-emulsification to shrink down each CBD molecule so that it becomes small enough to fit inside a molecule of water. What’s the benefit of nano-emulsified CBD? It’s small but oh-so mighty, and has a higher bioavailability in the human body because we’re made of 60% water, making one dose twice as effective! So you’ll never wonder if it’s working, you’ll know.